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Alabama Licensing

  • ·         Installing companies of Burglar Alarm, Electronic Access Control, CCTV, Monitoring, and providing Locksmith services are regulated  under the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure.  Website: click here
  • ·         Installing companies of Commercial Fire Alarms are regulated by the Alabama Fire Marshal’s office.
  • o   Fire Alarm Contractor System Website: click here

Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure Information

  • ·         First time applicants to the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure are required to complete an application packet, background checks on each individual including fingerprint cards, fees and the education requirements below:
  • ·         Burglar Alarm:
  • o   Qualifying agent-
  • ·         NTS Certified Alarm Technician (Level 1)
  • ·         NTS Advanced Intrusion Systems
  • o   Installer
  • ·         NTS Certified Alarm Technician (Level 1)
  • ·         Monitoring Station:
  • o   Operators must take board approved course
  • ·         CCTV:
  • o   Qualifying Agent-
  • ·         NTS Video Systems Technology
  • o   Installer-
  • ·         NTS Video Systems Technology or NTS Certified Alarm Technician (Level 1)
  • ·         Electronic Access Control:
  • o   Qualifying Agent-
  • ·         NTS Electronic Access Control
  • o   Installer-
  • ·         NTS Electronic Access Control or NTS Certified Alarm Technician (Level 1)
  • ·         Locksmiths:
  • o   Qualifying Agent- Board approved locksmith certification course/passed exam
  • o   Locksmith- Board approved certification course/passed exam
  • ·         Sales Person:
  • o   NTS Understanding Electronic Security Systems

If a company is licensed in more than one category they must meet all the necessary requirements for each. Example, if a company installs CCTV and Burglar Alarms the Qualifying Agent must meet the education requirement for both Burglar Alarm and CCTV. 

Renewing applicants:

  • ·         Are required to complete the renewal process every two years.
  • ·         Are required to submit proof of Continued Education (CEU’s) on each renewal for every individual licensed.
  • o   If licensed for only 1 licensing category, 16 hours are required for the entire renewal cycle
  • o   If licensed for more than 1 category, 24 hours are required for the entire renewal cycle
  • o   Ensure the CEU’s you are taking are approved by the AESBL board before taking them!

Alabama State Fire Marshal

  • ·         First time applicants, are required to go to their website to create an account  click here
  • ·         Each company is required to have a certificate holder that is considered actively in charge of the work of the certified contractor
  • o   Certificate Holder must provide written proof they have met and passed a competency test administered by NICET as a Fire Alarm System Technician- Level III or above.
  • ·         Individuals desiring to engage in programing, maintenance, testing, inspection, certification or modification of fire alarm systems shall provide current proof they have passed a competency test by NICET as a Level II or NTS Certified Fire Alarm Technician (CFAT)

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