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Alabama Alarm Association Scholarship Program

 The scholarship program is open to all employees or legal dependents of employees,

under the age of 25, of the Alabama Alarm Association member companies.

Annual Scholarship Guidelines

The proposed scholarship program will be open to all employees or the legal dependents, under the age of 25, of employees of Alabama Alarm Association member companies.  A winner is not eligible to apply for the Scholarship again until five years after award.

To be eligible the applicant must be a graduating high school senior or accepted or enrolled into an education program at a college, university or trade school.

Scholarships will be awarded by District (Northern, Central, Capitol and Southern).  The Vice-President of each district will chair or appoint a chair of the scholarship committee for the respective districts.  The amount of the Scholarship will be determined each year during the annual budget process.  For 2019 the Scholarship will be $500.00 per district.

Each District winner will be eligible to compete for a Statewide AAA Scholarship.  The statewide scholarship committee will be chaired or the chair will be appointed by the President of the AAA.  If a district does not have a winner, then those scholarship funds will become part of the statewide scholarship.  The amount of the Scholarship will be determined each year during the annual budget process.  For 2019 the statewide scholarship will be $1000.00, plus any un-awarded District Scholarships.

Deadline is June 18th to submit your application. 

Click Here 

to download the application.

Please fill out the application and email to: 

Our Sponsors 2019 


Mailing Address:

ATTN: Director, Alabama Alarm Association 

  7031 Halcyon Park Dr., Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone: 334-272-7822
Toll Free: 877-425-2576

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