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The Alabama Alarm Association

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Alabama Alarm Association

The Alabama Alarm Association, Inc. is a 501(c)6 trade association for the security and life safety industry. It was created in 1977.  

Membership sets you apart.  Working together can give your company the competitive edge.  Keep up with legislative changes that can affect your business.  Find out about new developments to help you land new accounts.  Receive professional recognition.  Join our industry leaders.  Fight back against those who want to put you out of business.  Earn more money!

Mission Statement

Promote business ethics, business growth, and professionalism within business leaders and employees of Alabama’s electronic life safety, electronic security, and systems integration industry.  This association will provide training courses, peer support, networking opportunities and legislative representation to our members.  Advocating our members’ commitment to integrity, education, and technical expertise thereby improving relationships with state and local authorities and the consumers we serve.


Inspire the electronic life safety, electronic security, and systems integration leaders to mutually work for the benefit of all our members in the interest of public safety and be industry leaders.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Training & Certification – Identify, develop, deliver and certify professional education for the electronic life safety, security and systems integration industry.

  • Government Relations – Effectively advocate and communicate on behalf of our members before Congress, federal regulatory agencies, and state and local levels.

  • Technology & Emerging Issues – Identify industry issues and communicate their potential impact on our membership.

  • Public Awareness – Effectively promote the professionalism and expertise of our members to consumers, public safety officials and regulatory agencies.

  • Codes & Standards – Enhance public safety by proactively monitoring, influencing and developing codes and standards that affect electronic life safety, security and integrated systems.

  • Organizational Excellence – Operate a world-class association that serves our members by delivering exceptional value.

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