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Questions about Licensing?

About the Regulatory Board

For more information on licensing and regulations please visit the AESBL website here: AESBL Website

Each alarm service provider must be licensed, have a resident Qualifying Agent (excluding contract monitoring stations) and must register each employee agent who sells, installs, services, monitors, or has access to subscriber or alarm system information.

Each company must provide the AESBL with evidence of a policy of general liability insurance in amount of at least $250,000 and must maintain this amount of insurance or more.

For the position for which an applicant requests a license, the applicant must meet the testing and/or certification requirements for a new license and must meet the continuing education requirements to renew a license. The requirements are detailed in the AESBL Administrative Code.

AESBL issues ID cards to Qualified Agents and all licensed individuals. 

Question about a CEU you would like to have approved? 

Contact your CEU Review Board Committee-Click Here.

CEU Review Course Request?-Click Here for information and to fill out your form and pay.

 Question about a current training course?

For detailed questions about the courses please email your Education Committee Chair: Shelton Mangum

For specific questions about a CEU you have registered for contact the instructor on that course.

For information on how to register for a training course please see our Training Page for the schedule and registration. All registrations are now online as well as online payment.  

What to bring to your training: 

 photo ID, 2 #2 pencils, calculator (cell phone calculators not allowed), highlighter, post-it notes and a laptop or tablet if taking the exam online.  Books will be passed out at the beginning of class. 

 There are two options for taking your exam at the end of the class.

  • 1.         Paper exam.  Results are mailed to the address on the exam in approx. 3 weeks.  There is an additional fee for paper exams.
  • 2.        Online exam.  Results are immediate and the certificate is available to print if student passes.  To take an online exam, student must bring their own laptop or tablet.  They must have a unique email address.

Question about our Conferences and Events? 

First, check our Events and Conferences Page: Click Here for all registration information

If you have specific questions regarding the conference,

Please contact our Events Coordinator by clicking here. 

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Mailing Address:

ATTN: Director, Alabama Alarm Association 

PO Box 563 Montgomery, Alabama 36101

Phone: 334-272-7822

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