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Benefits of Membership

Working together can give your company the competitive edge.

  • Keep up with legislative changes that can affect your business.
  • Find out about new developments to help you land new accounts. 
  • Receive professional recognition. Join our industry leaders.
  • Fight back against those who want to put you out of business.
  • Earn more money!

Types of Memberships 

 Regular Member

"Any partnership, corporation, proprietorship or association operating and licensed by the Electronic Security Board of Licensure in the state of Alabama, if required by law, which derives its principal revenue from the sale, lease, installation, monitoring or service of electronic alarm equipment shall become eligible to become a regular member."

-Article II Membership 

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Associate Member

"Any partnership, corporation, proprietorship or association deriving revenue by manufacturing or supplying equipment or services for the electronic alarm industry shall be eligible to become an associate member. Associate Members will have one representative that serves on the Board of Directors and may vote therein."

-Article II Membership 

To become an Associate Member or Sponsor, 

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Benefits of AAA Membership

Events & Networking

AAA holds quarterly statewide meetings and CEU Days in Montgomery, Birmingham, Orange Beach and Huntsville. The convention is held in Birmingham and features a trade show with over 50 vendors showcasing the latest in the security industry.


Government &Industry


Heather Coleman Davis & Associates advocates and defended our interests in both state and local issues that would have negatively impacted our industry and the way we perform business.

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Training Discounts

We provide training from the most recognized to meet licensing requirements for the electronic life safety and security industry in the United States. Classes are administered in classroom settings or online. Members save hundreds of dollars over the non-member rate to keep their licenses current. 

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Hotel Discounts

Membership in AAA offers travel savings with an average of 26% off public hotel rates. More than 80,000 hotels are a part of their saving plan on more than 200,000 properties.

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AAA Scholarships

The scholarship program is open to any employee of an Alarm Association member company OR the dependent of an employee under the age of 25.

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    Purchasing Program 

    AAA members enjoy discounts and corporate rates on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, car rentals, amusement parks like Disney World, sporting events and incredible savings at Office Depot. 

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Healthcare Benefits

AAA members benefit from access to affordable healthcare through Viva Health.  AAA members can  access information about signing up for these benefits by going to the Member Portal located under the Home tab on this website.  For more information on Viva Health Care Insurance please contact our agent of record:  Will Parsons at or buy calling him at 334-546-3354.

About the Regulatory Board

 For any questions about licensing please contact the Regulatory Board.

For more information on licensing and regulations please visit the AESBL website here: AESBL Website

Each alarm service provider must be licensed, have a resident Qualifying Agent (excluding contract monitoring stations) and must register each employee agent who sells, installs, services, monitors, or has access to subscriber or alarm system information.

Each company must provide the AESBL with evidence of a policy of general liability insurance in amount of at least $250,000 and must maintain this amount of insurance or more.

For the position for which an applicant requests a license, the applicant must meet the testing and/or certification requirements for a new license and must meet the continuing education requirements to renew a license. The requirements are detailed in the AESBL Administrative Code.

AESBL issues ID cards to Qualified Agents and all licensed individuals. 


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